Sunday, July 02, 2006

Dicom 4.0: Knowbotron Unit Conversion Calculator

Knowbotron's calculator is a free unit aware calculator that performs unit conversion as well as unit calculation. The calculator is called Dicom (version 4.0 is so far the latest).

The calculator can deal with 650 units covering the whole range of physical quantities. However, an infinite number of combination of these units are also possible. Dicom also allows users to define custom units that become an integral part of Dicom and therefore can also be used in unit calculations. Dicom also has some 150 buil-in functions from various disciplines.

Calculation with units means numbers and units together can form a mathematical expression to be evaluated. For example : "30 ft. + 6 m. " is such an expression that can be evaluated to ft. (feet) or m. (meter) or any other unit of length.

Dicom 4.0 can be downloaded from